Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors Annual Exhibition 2013

Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors

Annual Exhibition 2013

Title: “Call for Auditions: A Hot Summer Night!”

Curated by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

When I was asked to curate this year’s annual exhibition for the Pittsburgh Society of Sculptors, my first intuition was to decline. As an artist, sculpture is not my medium and I didn’t feel qualified to do the job. On second thought, I considered it an honor to be asked to select the work for the exhibit, and thought it was a great opportunity to bring people from various disciplines together. As a filmmaker, I enjoy telling stories using moving images and, as a dancer, I tell stories using my body… and that’s not so different from sculptors who tell their stories through the use of three-dimensional materials and space.

As a curator I attempt to invite gallery visitors into an experience of space, time, and an aesthetic proposition. In selecting the work for this show, I brought in the idea of storytelling and characters: I approached the selecting process imagining I was casting a film. I believe that as we face such drastic environmental disasters and social changes due to the shifting of the political and economic structures at a planetary level, increasingly we need stories that connect us and represent our experiences as a collective human group.

The work selected represents a wide array of work that to me represents interesting characters immersed in scenes of their own, who will have to share the gallery space to fully tell their stories to you. I saw the regal elegance of the lady in orange traversing in her nuptial gown through a hot summer night; the tin man/robot supporting life in a futuristic landscape; the funny and awkward camel traveling with his merchandize through an imagined desert. It might be that this summer I’ve been immersed in reading interviews with Werner Herzog and watching his films, so I couldn’t help but imagine which movies I could make with these still characters frozen in time. So here you have it, an eclectic collection of work that will take you somewhere. What stories will you imagine? Any confusion… blame it on Herzog!